Hey, ya'll!  It's the most "buzziest" time of year for us wine trade folk! OND (October, November, December) are the make or break months for the wine industry's producers, suppliers, and businesses in between.  I've been very lucky as a consultant to restaurants, big-box grocers, suppliers, etc., to be overwhelmed with tastings, events, packaging design work, and to be in consumer's homes helping them throw their perfect tasting event and holiday meal extravaganza by virtue of this site serving as a portfolio and marketing tool.  Please utilize the many existing reviews for pairing ideas and laughs while I'm hard at work living the dream we're so fortunate to have in this country.  And keep the emails coming! I love staying in touch/meeting new folks, especially when we've met at one of my tastings abroad.

And for the business minded among you, this year is proving to be one of the strongest sales records yet for much of the wine trade.  Fingers crossed, the world economy won't go to sh*t provided Santa continues getting his act together!

Ryan, Your Wineboy


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